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My latest news:

PVS Company realased now their 2010 season movie teaser - PUNCH LINE. It is so sick...

Back from Austria. It felt good to be on skis over long time. We were lucky with the weather, it was sunny most of the time, only two days were foggy, so it was basically impossible to ski. But we weren`t intimidated, we had 8 perfect sunny days. Sun was good for filming, but it also had negative side. Sun was so hot, snow melted quikly, it made hard finding right speed if ever getting any. Sometimes I lost all my speed and got stuck in snow. Everything ended happily, we got some good frames for my 09/10 season`s edit, it should come out in December. Until then be patient and stay calm!! Now it is time to thank all my supporters, friends and relatives, who made this season possible, successfully! Thanks!!! I will be counting days till PVS Company realases their 2010 season movie sometime in autumn.

It is summer, I finished my first school year. I am free from school about three months. During that time I need to get on snow, I have some tricks to perform! So, we will go for two weeks to Hintertux in the end of June.

I just won Oakley Girsession in Finland!! How good can it get, my emotions are very high, especcialy concidering that the winning was close, I won only with 0,25 points!!!! Super, super thanks to the arrangement team for such great event, girls need more of these!!!!

Hey, back from La Cluza. Very stoked about the fact that I had chance to film and ski with Virgine Faivre and Ane Enderud, they have very good skills, it was pleasant to watch, I have much to learn. Thanks girls for special time with you!!! Also thanks to PVS crew for having me!!!

I just arrived from Poland, I took part Polish Freeskiing Open. This comp was very successful, my tricks game out good and I podiumed second. I am very satisfied! Now I am wateing the end of February, then I will take a trip to France for two weeks to film with PVS Company, which I am very anxsious about.

Last weekend was just fantastic! There was a rail in the sand at the beach! It was a great event and soon there should be pictures from Viljandi Rail Jam.

And april it is, which means that this season is over for me, at least with snow because i dont belive that i can see it again in this season. Well, looks like that we have to start waiting for winter. Of course i like summer and autumn also, but above all i love snow! At this autumn i'll become a student and go to school. I would like to say thanks to all my (sponsors), supporters, friends and all who has helped me at this past season. Pretty soon should get a final touch my second movie. There is all my doings from this season.

On saturday i went to Latvia and it were totally crazy - kicker was way to big for me. Luckily it turned out good for me. At the moment i am counting days (5 to go), that could go to training camp at Ruka for a whole week!

Next week i am going to train at Kläppen, Sweden. I have been there once before and the park in there is cool. On march, 7. there should be one contest also in the park near by. Definately hoping to be apart of that!

On saturday i'll go to Finland to my first competition at this season. I can't imagine what my place could be, because i am going to compete at women's class. But still i am looking forward to it, wish to get on the road already!

The new season is about to begin and I would like to thank my partners: Heiki Sõmerik and Eleny Vahter from Nike ACG, Monika Ulla from Viking Line, Tanel Jürna from Hestra, Kati Jürisson from Haribo and Risto Martin from K2 and Spy+. Also would like to thank my parents, friends and others who have been there for me on the last year. And of course thanks up front to all future partners..

This Saturday I took part in water jump competition in Rahinge. I managed to win, again. The water there was freezing and as I already was a bit ill i skipped the warming up jumps. Luckily there were bath barrels to warm up in. On the next Saturday (06.09.2008) in Männiku will be the last water comps this year - hopefully I will perform successfully there to - it will get competitive there

The last event of the season Nike ACG Water Jump 08 was held in Männiku. The event was really competitive in all classes because the first prise was training camp in Val Thorens. Luckily I managed to pull some nice tricks - a front flip and and 540. These tricks brought me the first place and a free trip to the training camp. Check out the Pics...

Am back from my camp in Netherlands. It was so great to be on snow again.. also made some Pics...

Leaving to trainingcamp.. I am starting my 08/09 season in Netherlands - in one of the biggest skihalls in the world. The slope in the skihall is even longer than the natural skislopes here in Estonia. I want to thank all my supporters who made this trip possible

The local provider of Dalbello boots in Estonia - Sky Plus Suusabaas decided to help me with my doings. Many thanks to them..

So this season all the longer and more serious trips are done. Maybe I will be able to have some weekends on snow in Finland but that will brobably be it this season. It was really fun year - learned some new triks, tried powder, made some nice videoclips. There will be a few minutes long clipp here soon about my doings this year for all of you to see. Now I will be jumping on trampoline, rideing my roller skates etc. learning new triks and waiting for the next winter..

I took part in a cometition called "Tandadalen BA 2008" in Sweden. Unfortunately there was only 4 girls taking part so there was only one - womens class. The weather conditions were not perfect but this did not prevent us from competing. There were two kickers built for this event, unfortunatlely women only used the smaller one. Everyone had two jumps in preround and two more in final round(three best riders in the final round). Unfortunately all the other girls did only straight airs, so I, doing 180 both sides, got the first place. I allso tried fakie 180, but did not pick up enough speed.

Also interested in my doings was Smileon OU, who decided to support me this year. Smileon represents the brand HESTRA in Estonia. Many thanks for good gloves and everything else..

On this day Interaltus OU, who represents HARIBO brand in Estonia, decided to support my doings this year. Many thanks to them!

On this day I participated in my very first competition - Nike ACG Water Jump 2007. I won this competition in womens class, unfortunately there was only two participants in this class. There was three rounds and I did tricks like 180 mute grab, 180 tail grab reverse and front flip. I only had the courage to do a front flip as my last jump because I landed into the water - I don't plan to do this on snow any time soon. In the beginning of the competition I felt a little stage fright - they called my name on the microphone and everybody was looking at me. Luckily I quickly got over this and then I only enjoyed my first competition.